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We are looking foward to all that 2019 holds.  May this year be filled to overflowing with all the goodness of God in your life and family.  We hope that we will get a chance to see your beautiful face at one of our events.  We love and appreciate all of you who support Steppin' Up Ministries.  We feel like we've become family, and when we get together it's like a family reunion.  

Steppin' Up Ministries...A God Connection
Connie and Darla's relationship has been a God connection from the very beginning...although they had no idea at the time what God was putting together.  It was May 2007 when they first met and October 2007 when they ministered together for the first time.  What an amazing Holy Spirit time they had, God showed up in a BIG way.  What happened with Connie and Darla was something that neither one of them had experienced before.  They each operate in an anointing, but what happened when they "stood together" in ministry was different and unique to the power and the Presence of the Holy Spirit that either of them had known before.  It was a new and fresh anointing created by the yielding of the individual anointing on each one of their lives.  God is looking for those who will give themselves to His plan.  After all, it's not "our" anointing, it is God in us and He is still creating for His good pleasure and purpose.  When we walk in unity preferring one another the Holy Spirit creates an atmosphere conducive to what He wants to do.  Connie and Darla have found the same unique anointing manifested every time they come together.  The holy Spirit has His way completely and totally.  As a result, with much prayer and fasting Steppin' Up Ministries and the Steppin' Up Ministries events have been born.  It is something that God has made big in their hearts for His daughters.
Steppin' Up Ministries Events
The Steppin' Up Ministries Events are designed for those who are interested in kingdom increase in every area of their life.  We are living in the light of Christ's return and as a result we must press into our God-given purpose and destiny.  It's time to come up!  Our passion is to impart into women by revelation of the Word of God, their importance to the King...who is their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and their vital role in preparing the way for His return.  An impartation of empowerment by the Holy Spirit for overcoming and living a victorious life in Christ is the heart of Steppin' Up Ministries.
We are on God journey...

Speakers: Connie Shrum & Darla LassiterTaking women on a God journey ~
It's what we LOVE to do, it truly is our God assignment and our heart.
      Connie & Darla